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Default Re: New here, with a DIY Chainsaw Bike

Thanks, guys! I've been riding this one a lot lately. The night rides on empty streets are my favorite.

Dan: Indeed. Over a hundred miles worth of "go boy" on this bike alone! The reliability has been great since I got that homemade exhaust sorted out.

Your concern is much appreciated, A.T.- but if I didn't feel safe on them, I wouldn't ride either one. Having built them myself, I have plenty of faith in the designs. (There's another chainsaw bike I built for a spare in the DIY section, if you haven't already seen it.)
Good story, too. I was much like that as a kid. Made a lot of wild stuff over the years, and torn many a household gadget apart. By the time my parents got up to speed on what I was doing, I was repairing my own cassette player. They never said a word, because it was pretty obvious I wasn't just destroying things.

MacGuyver started it. I was never the same after watching that show, in the best way. (Showing my age a bit.) \m/

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