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Smile Re: New here, with a DIY Chainsaw Bike

Hi Lightning Boy!

Your post about alarm clocks, brought some memories back lol. When I was 9 years old I took apart my dads alarm clock in the middle of the night. It was in many, many peaces on the kitchen table. He caught me. He screamed at me that if I didn't get that alarm clock together by morning and working right he was gonna whip the skin of me with his 2 inch leather belt. Sad thing is he wasn't kidding but on the bright side I was able to fix it and it worked well for many years. Been that way all my life, machines and electronics talk to me, can't explain it but when something isn't right with either I have always been able to fix it or mod it.

Have fun on that chainsaw bike but be careful I'd like to see more of your stuff.

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