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Default Re: First Motor Bike ride today

This instillation has the motor tilted slightly front down. For this reason, the gas tank on the motor will not fill completely. I do have the larger tank that installs on top of the motor mount and may install it.

I have a tendency to speed up going to windward, because the engine noise is harder to hear and use to gauge speed. On this ride I used a gps to measure speed, distance and time, it worked well but needs to be mounted on the handlebars.

Calculated rpm is 4250 at 14 mph and a bit under 5500 at 18 mph. This Trek 920 feels very nice at speeds up to 20 mph, I didn't go faster but calculations yield about 7300 rpm at 24 mph, the calculations used 5% slippage.

I did use pedaling assist at times, especially climbing or to windward. Pedaling is very easy, especially compared to after the motor ran out of gas and there were climbs on the way home.
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