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Default Re: New Member, first build. 80cc china girl on a fixie

few more pictures, shameless bump on the question about the mixture!

I am running a stock NT jet, SHA carb, banana pipe, 36 tooth sprocket mounted to the fix gear with the rag joint (solid).

the Bike four strokes pretty bad, always at top speed WOT and sometimes through all RPM ranges. Once the engine is warmed up it 2 strokes in the mid range and always when climbing hills.

I've got the Champion CJY7 plug with 2 washers on it so it doesn't contact the piston. tried running the b7hs and it ran poorly i don't think the NGK sits far enough in the combustion chamber.

i'm running 12:1 2 cycle sport oil by masterpro with 91 octane. the engine is broke in but if run less oil the bike will bog even worse. do i need a smaller jet to run a leaner oil fuel mix and not four stroke at WOT?

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