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Default Re: a horn (if you already have a battery for lights)

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Actually I have one of these on a trike plant bike that I used to use at work, pre-golf cart days. I powered it with a 12V SLA, 10AH battery and I was surprised how much use I got from a charge. In a warehouse environment where horns are used constantly by forklifts and other vehicles I wanted something unique so I put the Ahhhh-ooo-Gaaa horn on my trike. I would charge it once a week and used the horn probably ten times more than a biker would need it. Of course the battery didn't share the load with lights but unless you do a lot of after dark riding Jason's horn would probably work just fine. You need to consider weight however. My horn weighs about 2 pounds.
Tom: I missed your post before I sent mine...I will add, (as an assumption), that you may have had a quality U.S., or Japan/taiwan made horn. The latest Wang Chung, (China), electrical items always seem to be power hogs?

Either way I'm sure Jason can use this when truly needed without depleting the battery on any given bike run.

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