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Default First Motor Bike ride today

Bike is a Trek 920, no suspension mtn bike, 9 speeds in rear, 3 speeds in front. Tires are from Performance, Gotham 26x1.75 puncture resistant. Tubes are the thick puncture resistant, with lots of slime.

This bike rides very well but the tire/tube/slime combo has a lot of rolling resistance.

Motor is Subaru Robin EH035, a 33.5 cc four cycle, overhead valve, pushrod engine, with centrifugal clutch.

Mount is a Straton friction drive. Roller diameter measures 1.161".

The motor and kit performed perfectly, average speed was 16.2 mph for 18.88 miles. Gas used was 520ml or 0.137gal for 137 mpg. 14 to 17 mph is a very nice cruise speed, slower is quieter. Idle when going slow or stopped was 100% reliable.

Conditions were not ideal, there was a strong head wind for half the ride. I wore a sun brim on the helmet and this acted as a aero brake when riding to windward. Finally removed it and riding was much more pleasant.

All things considered, this motor and drive work extremely well.

Happy trails,

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