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I feel you BAIRDCO.. I keep hoping my brain is not writing Checks my body can not cash !! So Far, the Fastest I have been on a motor assisted bike has been 48mph and that was on a Kent with a Jack Shaft shifting setup. I felt more comfortable going 48 on that bike than this Fixie at 42. Fixie seems to have a 35-36 mph sweet spot. Not sure how I know that. Just the feeling I get riding it. I do like it a lot. The Fastest I have been ever was on a Road bike going down hill in a full tuck from MArtin/Mansville up deer creek Canyon. I was going at least 60mph with a friend who was also riding a Nishiki Kokusai road bike. I was on a Super Vitus Frame with all DuraAce and Hi E hubs with MAvic rims with Continental Clinchers, Tip Shifters and more.. I drafted by him at over 50 and kept going. At the T intersection at the bottom, I was able to modulate the bike down and make the T but not able to stop as my brakes had faded , Pete my friend was in worse shape and ended up across the road and into Deer Creek. We survived.. We were younger too. I felt sorry for Pete with his Pepperoni Pizzas on his arms and legs.. But again.. We survived.. I only did that ride once.. I go up that same road at least once a week or so.. I remember that ride many moons ago.. Wow.. I am getting old !!

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