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Ya bro, welcome to the club, I have never been over 300 lbs. in my life, being at 6'6"
Probably all the beer and chocolate milk I been drinking, tho lately the vodka gets it done quicker and cheaper. From what I gather, a 66cc engine, like the Grubee one I be gettin, is sufficient, then its all about the gearing and the 44T is the way to go from my research. I just popped back on, cuz I always price out electric kits first for a DIY its a cool $600+, I know gassers the way to go at $180 shipped!!!!!!, but just a little extra power would be nice I think, you know what I mean. Ive beeen eyeing that Grubee for a loooooong time, but a 120cc would be better right, double the cc's must mean double the HP, then I say to myself what about frabrication. I can do it, just a matter of price and time and tools. Final Opinion is Just have fun with a simple kit for $180, see where it goes.
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