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Default Re: Suggestions on engine to get?

Originally Posted by maniac57 View Post
No. The Chinese are the only ones currently marketing engines designed for bicycle frames.
Ah good to know. Always learning. If all engines are made in China then there's no sense in talking down about stuff "made in China" on this one. I'm just surprised that other companies in Japan, Europe, and the US haven't caught on to the market. Would be awesome to be able to fit a bike with a kit specifically made for this type of thing from Honda or Piaggio or Puch.

There are several styles including rack mount and friction drives if you don't like the chinese in-frame kits.
No, that's cool; I prefer in frame as I want to make something that looks a bit like an old cafe style motorcycle. (thus why I'm looking at hooking it into a fatbike.)

Any aftermarket engine will take some work to fit on bicycle. The "Chinadoll" in-frame engine is by far the most popular, but Dax, Staton and several others make different style kits.
So then, are all Chinadoll engines from the same maker, or is there a difference? I would assume that dax and the other sites I've seen are just distributors, but honestly have no idea.

For example, there's the "Black Flying Horse Engine Kit" from
Black Flying Horse
and then there's "the stinger" from
and dax has their F80 kit, which claims to be "made in the USA":

All are in frame, all are 80/66cc (or listed as something similar, still not sure whether this means its 80cc, 66cc or what) Aside from colors and a few other superficial differences I can't exactly see any differences except the range in price. (ranging from $135 to $224 just in the sites listed, and going even higher on some other sites) Needless to say though, I've learned that when it comes to anything like this looks can be deceiving, and it does make me apprehensive to be buying something without even being able to look at it in person 1st.

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