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Ok.. Solidly broke the 40mph bracket today riding with my son who was on the 39mph bike. I went by him at 42mph . The Engine has around 15 miles on it and getting more powerful for sure.. Once it is broken in, who knows how fast it will go.. We shall see.. As for now.. I will not be going WOT like that again as 40 + mph is really really fast on this Fixie bike for sure. All I could think of was my Cheap front hub and poor quality spokes.. I must say.. I really like this Fixie and I really really hate the brakes !! These speeds and those pads that come on the bike, in only 15 miles now, the pads are over half worn down towards the mounting stud. Yikes !! There is a coating of pad/wax on the side of one rim.. Never seen anything like this before. The squeal and chatter of the brakes when coming to a hard stop is unnerving and must end before I do. I am on the search for better pads. That must be the bulk of the problem. These are steel stamped side pulls, but should work ok with the right pads.. And before I decide to break the 40mph barrier again, I will get my JOFA and Gloves JIC !! That 40mph gets really really fast in a hurry !! lol.. Enjoy the ride....
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