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I have been riding for almost 50 years now. I too have been over the bars ripping my farring and mirrors off with my lower body area as I went over the bike after an instant stop by a car crossing my T. I mean instant stop of the bike. I was doing 45 or so.. I saw the pavement coming and did a tuck and roll and only cut my knuckles and scarred my helmet. Cop that saw the whole thing said I would be sore tomorrow. I wasn't.. I was lucky on many levels. My latest encounter was a curb and a rose bush. I again landed into the street with only shredded arms from the 7 foot tall rose bushes.. Who puts bushes like this next to a side walk ?

Yesterday I rode my 50cc Scooter to All Metric to get 2 Socket bolts. I encountered 3 Crossed T's and 2 lane chargers.. People around here hate Scooters or what? Are they mad that I am getting 100mpg? This scooter I have souped up with the 47mm big bore kit . I can cruise 45mpg all day, top speed around 50. So.. I know the problem is not speed. I am not a white liner.. What is the deal.. Anyway.. I survived and for sure it was not worth the 2 bucks I spend on the bolts... A dollar each ? What the?

At any rate.. I am sorry for your over the bars that it did not turn out as well for you as it did for me.. I have been over the bars more than once.. Yes.. It hurts.. But I still ride.. I love to ride.. There is nothing like it. I can go into car wrecks and I am still hurting from getting rear ended in my Suburban. My neck will never be the same again.. The lady that hit me at 50mph plus was texting.. How else would you not see a stopped 5000lb plus 2500 suburban? How? My kids were also hurt.. Me being almost 60 years old now and no high backs in my old truck got really hurt.. Glad I was not on my bike at the time as I would have been killed most likely.. Bike, Scooter or Harley. Killed ? Most likely.. .. Interesting that the worst I have been hurt now was in a 5000lb Suburban while stopped at a traffic Light.. Go figure. If I find myself in a Wheel chair, I will motor Assist my Wheel Chair and soup it up !!

All I can say is..

I am here today, Gone Tomorrow... Until that time.. I WILL Ride !!

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