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Default Re: 40 MPH Club

I flipped over the bars at 40mph when my front drum brake locked up after the fork clamp gave way.

I'm a member of the "40mph street diving club." i'd estimate the distance i flew was 25' before my shoulder, wrist, 4 ribs and two fingers absorbed the impact. by "absorbed," i mean the became the crumple zone of my body.

Oh, that was a good time. altered my life forever.

I've all but given up on motorized bikes. aside from racing a few times a year on the track, i don't have much interest in them at all anymore.

I could go on all day about the early days of modifying china girls to break the speed limits, like gps at 52 with aleman and neil as my witnesses, and later blowing up that motor drafting a truck down PCH at 62mph, or blazing passed the LA crew at 50+ on a sunday ride, but it's all typed out here somewhere already.

You can break the 40mph barrier on a stock, well built china motor with the right gearing. i've done it on everyone i've built. the bike i crashed was a 80lb. 1940's cruiser with 24" wheels and a 30t sprocket. besides reversing the barrel it was all stock, slightly modified parts. nt carb and gutted stock pipe with a supertrapp cap.

search "bairdco" on youtube and you can see it playing in traffic.

Nowadays, with fred heads, arrow motors, reed valves, tuned xchambers, etc., getting 10+ horses from a chinagirl is just a "buy it now" click away. the limits of the china engine have been reached, and can only go further by extensive mods and part changes that leave nothing but case to remind you it used to be a cheap engine. and inside that case holds reworked cranks, new bearings, and guts taken from better built machines.

Where am i going with this? Heck. i dunno. i didn't get much sleep. wear a helmet or something. Going fast is fun...
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