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Default Re: Tank petcock

I would lop it off with a dremel or hacksaw which one is the closest one to me.
Sand it and apply some JB weld "the poor mans welder"
some folks on here will say NO do not use JB weld it will fail bla bla bla All I Know is the stuff works miracles for me

I had a stud snap off one of my gas tanks leaving a hole about the size of .50 cal. round black powder ball ball I used the JB weld as a test and 4 years later it i still holding ' If it was under any kind of pressure of course Id say "NOWAY" to the JB weld however it is very little less than the amount in a coke bottle The stuff worked for me

The key to making it work well is clean, clean ,clean, the area it's to be applied to, then I let it sit for 5 times the recommended curing time. I then sanded it, applied another application "because I sanded it too much" repeat then paint.

Then just drill and tap a new hole Use a bit of teflon tape perhaps double dope it with some rector seal you should be good to go. Some on here will tell you JB weld isn't made for petro products bla bla bla all I'm telling you is what worked for me well for only 4 years so far .
P.S. one thing Id do a little different is install the new ole first the plug the existing one to prevent the jarring and banging of the JB welded area not that it w8ld matter if done properly I've even had this nosey kid drop my bike and its still holding to this day !!
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