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Originally Posted by rogergendron1 View Post
FINALY !!!!!!!


i was wondering how well it would hold up under sustained high rpm driving, as it turns out that with 26in wheels and a 36t rear and you going 43mph your motor should have been turning around 8,000 to 8,500 rpms for quite a few min !

i would love to see this done at 40 with a 44t rear but over 8,000 rpms is what i was after when looking into opti 2 for race driving and it would apear you put it right up there..

how well did the bike stay at the proper operating temp ? did it over heat ?
and have you taken off the head and looked into the jug for scoring ???

i would like to know whaT YOU THINK ABOUT THE PERFORMANCE OPTI 2 OFFERS AT High rpms from your experiance so far and what mix ratio were you useing ?

As I said I only ran that speed for a short distance, about 100 yards. So I was running at WAT for only a few seconds. Also weather conditions were unusually ideal. Here in Vegas the air is extremely dry maybe 10% humidity on any given day, for instance today we only reached 6%. Last Sunday morning the ski was overcast the temperature was only in the 80's and there were thunderstorms surrounding the valley. The humidity was a whopping 40% lol and no wind. Rare conditions here in Las Vegas. I had a freshly cleaned air filter, a fresh spark plug gapped at .035". I inflated the tires to the maximum 65 psi, and I mixed the fuel just a little lean. Normally I mix precisely 2 ounces of Opti2 in 1.5 gals. of premium gas. That's a little less then 100:1. On this day I mixed the fuel a little lean because of the weather conditions I wanted to do a speed test. I mixed 1.8 ounces in 1.5 gals of gas. That's a little more than 100:1.
So in answer to your question the bike did not over heat and I road another 5 miles to get home cruising at 30 to 35 mph. About 150 miles ago I checked the piston and cylinder and all I found was a little carbonization on the piston, fare less then normal.
All I can say is that I was hesitant to use Opti2, but after running close to 600 miles with it I am sold on the stuff. I don't have any hard stats, but my engine is noticeably smoother, quieter, revs a little higher, and is more powerful, I picked up 3 mph immediately after switching to Opti2. I don't have a temp gage, but it seems to run a little cooler too.
I hope this answers your questions...
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