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Default Re: New Guy with a question

Originally Posted by Dan, posting in KoOni's post?
Your so very welcome.
That would be the way I would go with that bike. But many ways to feed a cat and that is just me.

Honestly, many options and ways to go.

Post lots of pics! Gonna be a cool build!
Will do. I work as an artist with a bit of training in design, so this should be interesting.

Originally Posted by crassius View Post
You need more info. Get a cheapo old bike, get a kit, build that. By the time you have that running good, you'll know enough to decide if you have the skills for the fat bike.
Sometimes when I do things I need to go whole hog if I'm going to get it done. I think its one of those artistic showoff personality type things. I had an awesome scooter a while back (1961 vespa vbb) that I totaled, and a beater bike with an engine strapped on just won't cut it for me. I gotta do this thing, do it right, and have something that I feel like I can show off.

Originally Posted by SchwinnStingray View Post
Two problems I see with the fat bike, 1; disc brake is on the left rear, where the sprocket would go normally and 2; no room for a jack shaft as per problem no.1.
Good thoughts, but...
1. I'm thinking the disk brake shouldn't be a prob with the shifter kit that I posted; it hooks the drive train directly into the bike's pre-existing chain setup.
2. Not sure which part a jack shaft is. Will this be an issue with a shifter kit? (I'm naturally mechanically adept, but not trained on what stuff is called. For me most of it is "that thingy that comes out of the thing in the engine and attaches to the toothed wheel thingy")
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