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Default Re: annoyed, vent time

Originally Posted by Theon View Post
If I have to go down there I stick to the hills.
Way too cold this time of the year though.
The wife wanted to move down a year or so back, couldn't find anything we could afford to rent or buy.
Got a great place up here for the price of a dump down there.
But you got to like the rain/humidity.
I hope to never leave the tropics, I only go south of Cairns once every couple of years to see family down there, then hurry home.
my advice mate is don't let her push you into moving back you'll only regret it
just to give you an idea caloundra south is building a new estate to house 50,000+ more people
the rest of the coast is heading the same way

frankly i've had enough of living in a sardine can i need open space again hence why i want to head north, north west an buy a nice sized farm
(hunting, fishing etc)
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