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Originally Posted by FFV8 View Post
Guys look closer, thom's bike is not a China Girl.

i would call it a "China Case" - that is basically a racing Moped engine stuffed in there. Moped reed valve cylinder (not a ching chong 3 port with bad timing) parked on top of the Moped crank with about 4mm more stroke. He is at 78cc's or so. Yes, it will spin to 13,000 rpm I would love to see the dyno sheet.

How about some actual specs on the engine thom?
closer pic:

The spec of this cylinder matched with the exhaust should be arround 16-18hp peak at 10.000rpm. I adjusted the squish 0.50mm (0.020inch), i removed about 0.005 inch from the head, and made a little bit of magic inside the port. I beleive it should be arround the 18hp.

dyno of similar setup with same cylinder are about 10whp (a lot of loss due to the belt of the scooter)
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