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I can see he is running a Reed Valve motor.. It is possible to approach and even exceed 100kmph with 50cc reed valve 2 stroke motors.. It is very very hard to do at my high altitdude. Rule of thumb is 3-5 percent loss of power for every 1000 feet. Depends on Pressure density.. In my case.. I am trying to find the requirements at my location to enter the 40mph club. I am very close now as I was able to hit 39mph yesterday with the build seen in the pictures..

And yes.. I did go out last night and buy me a Fixe at Wally World for 99 bucks !! It is a great deal.. This fixe is made by Kent which is a good name brand but bottom end Kent for sure. Brakes are ok, Frame is steel, Spokes and front hub are lower quality. Everything else on the bike seems top shelf.. It looks well enough to handle 40-50mph. If I were going for 50-60 mph, I would get a Mazi , Condor, or Pinarello road bike made for speeds such a those.. But.. I only want to break 40mph for now. I am going to do another build similar to the one on the Diamondback. The only Change I will make is to do a 3/4 Ramp on the piston instead of a 1/2 ramp. Everything else I will make the same.. The difference will be the bike, and increase the ramp to 3/4. I will then test and see.. Wish me luck !! pics coming

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