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Default Re: Gear ratios for HF bike -- pleased help!

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
I agree with Curtis, Cschade. Is a whole lot to take in all at once, I know. But I think going with the ratio you are thinking, you would have to be going around 20 MPH before engaging the engine.

The HFs have lots of tourqe. Which is a good thing but any thing much less then 12:1, and you just won't have any low end.

Just a suggestion or what I do with 4 strokes, aim for 35 MPH, (plenty fast on a street bicycle) and 12:1. Ya gotta remember there are lots of opinions and thoughts on this. I know it makes it all that much more confusing. But that is part of the fun and learning process. If I may be so bold as to offer another suggestion, (and do take em all with a grain of salt. Especially mine) But for a first build, ere on the side of caution and go for safe and functional first. The really great part of this crazy is you build it and can alter/experiment at will. As you go on, push the limits.

Really enjoy your enthusiasm and imagination. Stay excited and build some thing cool! What ever help you need, there are some great folks here who enjoy lending a hand or thoughts.

I think every one here will back me up on this but the first time she fires up and your tooling down the street, is a great high!

Thank you for the encouragement Dan! This is actually the second motorbike I've built. The first was a WeedEater friction drive. The fastest I ever got on it was 34.4 MPH on a slight downhill. It lasted for about 2 months before it gave out. The first time I rode it, was one of the happiest days in my life.

What size sprockets would you recommend for clutch, jackshaft in, jackshaft out, and rear wheel? I am open to ANY suggestions you have.

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