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Smile Re: annoyed, vent time

Hi ajoh!

When you order something online at best its a risk. You have to deal with some good and some bad sellers. The bad sellers have all kinds of scams going, like selling fake items, selling items they really don't have, intentionally sending the item to the wrong address so they are sure to get it back and the list go's on. Do what I do, order from two different sellers, especially if it's an item you really need. Also order items before you need them, that way the 1 to 2 months it's takes to get it wont matter. Only order from sellers with very high ranking, at least 97%, these are usually sellers who value and understand the importance of pleasing the customer. When you order an item track it every day if that option is possible. Before ordering read everything on the sellers page. If clear pictures and an explanation is not given the seller is probably not providing them because they want to hide something from you. Do not give feedback until you make sure what you received is exactly what you ordered and is a good item. Once you give feedback your recourse is limited. If there is a problem take pictures and send them through Ebay or whomever your dealing with. Also if you love your motorized bicycle as much as I do make sure you have backups for anything which may fail. If the price seems too good to be true there may be a reason. On the bright side there are good sellers out there, I've done about 200 purchases online and thank goodness only 2 turned out to be a mistake. And the 2 bad ones were not from China. Hope this information helps. I really do understand how you feel and hope things work out for you.

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