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Default Re: annoyed, vent time

I understand the angst, I truly do - I couldn't even begin to remember all the purchase & shipping orders I've made that went astray, both outgoing & incoming they seem to have a penchant for visiting far off lands I've sometimes not even heard of...

...don't even get me started on unholy triumvirate of the three primary shipping "options" here, UPS, USPS & FedEx, each horrid in it's own unique way they band together to seemingly insure customer dissatisfaction.

I know you're venting but jus' in case - TBH, I really don't think you'll be any better off by selecting your purchases by country of origin, the shipping companies are international naturally, the vast majority of errors theirs is some fashion. The remainder, should it be a scam or even just the mistakes of the shipper are not made any more or less likely save for those made in translation - the rest are universal, the failings of humans & computers both regardless of location.

While not usually ending up in another nation - I've long given up trying to have packages shipped directly to my home as UPS tries but usually gets it wrong (assorted neighbors), FedEx often doesn't even try but when they do they get it wrong (email fail notice), USPS actually comes the closest - by dropping an already smashed package somewhere in the yard sort of near the mailbox... or the neighbor's

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