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Originally Posted by massdrive View Post
Why do I believe that you left 40 mph in your dust a long time ago....?? lol
Prolly cuz yer an old phart like me and you know what we are capable of doing? Well I'm not that old, I won't be 57 for two more weeks.....still a kid at 56yrs. old

Anyway, after I broke the exhaust port off my last Tanaka 47R I started running super high revving GoPed 46cc engines on my scoot. Next thing ya know was hitting 52mph on a fully tricked out CY46 Trevor Simpson engine on my BladeZ. On 10"tires standing 6" off the ground going's a little more than exhilarating, it's down right scary FAST!

It is fun to go fast sometimes but you should always know what the consequences are if you get outta control and how badly you could be hurt or killed. Just thought I'd share this cuz I didn't make it this long in life riding like an idiot like some people might think.....I do know better and it's from experience. And when I say 40mph......I can back that up

And congrats massdrive , hope we can get together and ride someday!

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