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I am running a new Build. A 38mm Stroker Balanced motor with GP full circle crank, with Port matched intake and exhaust, RT carb with 65 jet and Shark Air Box gold, Modified Factory Chrome Exhaust, Triad Plug, Slant head with 118 BMEP, Skirted piston, 26 inch rear wheel with 41T. Mix is 25:1 Valvoline 2 stroke oil. We hit 32mph using GPS and at 6000 feet with barely 10 miles on the motor. I know power will go up a lot as we put more miles on it. It pulls the hills well.. Actually accelerates up the hills in my area... So.. I know it will handle the 36T. I will update my top speed with the 36T.. Will I hit 40 ? Humm.. Not sure since we are down so much on power here in Colorado.. I also have 32T sprocket, but not sure the engine can handle it at such high altitudes here. At sea level.. Not a problem.. My Engine is down in power anywhere from 25-36 percent from sea level depending on our humidity which can be single digits on some days.. but anyway.. Having fun and my son is learning a lot about how to make an engine perform better.. Enjoy the ride..

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