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Originally Posted by The_Aleman View Post
That's 9250RPM with a 26" wheel. Either your speedometer is way off or you're full of it. Either way, don't expect your chinagirl to live much longer.
Thank you.... I was just going to write the same thing. Even with a modified china engine nowhere in this universe is 40mph possible on a 26" wheel with direct drive and a 44t sprocket. Well maybe down a steep hill with a 20mph tail Even with a 36t sprocket a stock china engine doesn't have the hp to push the bike much over 30 mph

Although I haven't been involved with MB's for very long I am a 57 year old gearhead with mad crazy skills and I worked hard for over a year and spent a good amount of money to get into the 40 mph club and I get annoyed when I see this and hear this from people. So I say to all put up or shut up!
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