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Default Re: Got a generator today - Now a question

Update on generator/battery/lighting system:

* The generator DOES have resistance at rest. In order to keep the battery from draining at rest, there is a simple switch that sends power to the lights and at the same time links the generator via a diode to battery positive. When the switch is off, continuity is cut off to the lights AND generator.

* I added a brake light switch that works off of the rear brake caliper. (I have way too much time on my hands.) I found this motorcycle tail light setup on ebay for $10, and with the dual filament bulbs and connectors, the brake switch made sense. It's a simple momentary off switch from Radio Shack. I hope it works! As the brake pads wear, I'll probably have to do some tweaking on it.

* To reduce RPMs on the generator, I glued a section of 3/4" ID rubber hose to the generator wheel. This reduces the spin on the generator wheel by about one third, and has the added benefit of not chewing up the tire sidewall. Maybe it will stay on at high RPMs.

* I like the 7.5 AH battery that arrived yesterday...........It's small, but should do the job. I'm most interested to see how the 12v generator keeps a charge on the battery.

I'll do an update to let everyone know how all this fares in the real world!
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