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Default Re: New Build (raw engine)

Originally Posted by biker91 View Post
Hey guys iam a noob and have no idea what wtf iam doing so help me out please I have serched a **** load of forums and everybody says somthing diff about every engine kit and man i just want.two know whats the best quality kit for the price see i was thinking i couldnt go wrong with the DAX 2 stroker but idk so maybe I can get some help thanks!
The reason why everyone has different opinion is because no 2 engines are same, no 2 people are the same, and everyone has different set up on their bike. What it come down to is, what are you looking for? It will be hard to find high quality at a low price. In most cases, you will receive what you pay for. If you really have no idea what you're doing, there are dealers that will construct one for you. This hobby requires morethan just mechanical knowhow. A lot of patience and some ingenuity usually is needed to install and maintain the kits. Read through the attached link and decide. There are many choices available.

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