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Default Re: stupid old people (again)

Originally Posted by tooljunkie View Post
Just turned 50 in june.
Mid 50's next week here.
Had a few odds and ends on the table i was taking out to the garage- a sharpener for carpenter pencils was one thing in particular i wanted.
Got to garage and couldn't find the small zip lock of stuff. I searched everywhere.
A week later, in jacket pocket. Go figure.
Been there, done that but not often as I seldom have need for a jacket.

My son is notorious for taking tools.
I pull my hair out - thinking im losing it.
Then he walks in with it.
At least your son walks in with the missing tool.
I just gave my adult son the boot with a talk about 'growing up and getting a job' and a yet another box of my spare Primitive Pete tools and told him if he needs another go to the hardware store and buy it as my tools are off limits to him.

And last but not least, ever forget what you went looking for?
Constantly ;-}
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