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Default Re: Shifter Kit Overall Good but 1 issue

Originally Posted by fm2200 View Post
.......I just seen some photos of what must be the new and improved beefed up side plates, that had a piece of angle iron welded on its side. On the original kits there was nothing but the flat stock metal plate.
We made no secret of the fact that we had to make an improvement to the original side brackets. Indeed a few of them did bend. We simply made the plates better (thicker, a stiffener and the tie bracket) for the big folks, people with very strong engines and to make the alignment more forgiving. I think we have replaced two sets of brackets, including the fellow who just posted (didn't install a washer or two). Shipped the day they requested them. Seems odd that you, of all people, are criticizing us for improving.

Originally Posted by fm2200 View Post
Another guy said the second shifter kit he bought did not go together like the first kit did. With this one, the bearing would not fit into the plate until filed it out to fit the bearing.
Well our original plates were not powder coated. The new ones are. He had to file/sand out the powder coat (which we advise) for the bearing to slip in.

Now here is the odd thing from our point of view. You never have come to us directly to question, to probe or to even criticize. It's all public. What's up with that? From reading your posts, it appears that you haven't actually read through our website.


Yet you are publicly jumping on us. If you don't want a Shifter Kit, you don't have to buy one. If you buy one and it doesn't perform, or you can't handle the installation, we will help you to the very best of our ability.

Have a great day!

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