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Default Re: Shifter Kit Overall Good but 1 issue

Originally Posted by fm2200 View Post
To Milegajo, I don't much care what your opinion is, and to refer to me as troublemaker is sort of what I would expect from a dealer like yourself. But if you have not read the negative threads regarding the short comings of the jack shaft kits that doesn't mean there not there,you just have not read them, I did not make this stuff up. And another thing, I just seen some photos of what must be the new and improved beefed up side plates, that had a piece of angle iron welded on its side. On the original kits there was nothing but the flat stock metal plate. So much for what you wrote about the kit not needing any modications. Another guy said the second shifter kit he bought did not go together like the first kit did. With this one, the bearing would not fit into the plate until filed it out to fit the bearing. This is a guy that builds bikes for customers,so he's no novice. You can always sugar coat it by calling me names and to make it sound like Im out to make trouble, but I would not endorse products that require the hands of a skilled and well versed mechanic (the average guy would be at a loss in trying to handle this)
To FM220 "what I would expect from a dealer like yourself" - elaborate please.

"sugar coat it by calling me names" - there has and will be none of that thank you.

"to refer to me as troublemaker" - your tag was never referred to nor was it insinuated, that is your interpretation and its WRONG. (Guilty conscience?)

FM220 it seems our experiences of this kit differ greatly. "So much for what you wrote about the kit not needing any modications" my fault FM220 i clearly didn't state MY KIT DIDN'T NEED MODIFICATIONS - That better?

We all appreciate honest opinions here, to say you don't appreciate someone else's is not only rude but not the sort of behaviour i would expect one of this forum's members. Maybe you'd be better off joining

An apology is in order.
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