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Default Re: stupid old people (again)

Guys I look at the mobile home thing this way, if someone is happy and enjoys where they live then the type of structure really doesn't matter. I remember the Saturday before my dad passed away from a heart attack we all got together because it was my birthday, he my step mom and little brother lived in a mobile home on a community lake. All the homes around the lake were small, in the 800 to 900 sq. ft. They had a screened in porch that went almost all the way across the back, you could sit there and watch the sun go down across the lake. He loved to fish so he was very happy there. One of the things I remember the most of that day, May 21 1983 was what he said," I have everything I want or that means anything to me right here right now" he also said he wouldn't trade that place for any other. He passed away Monday morning.
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