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Default Re: stupid old people (again)

Originally Posted by Greg58 View Post
Tom my wife and I will be married 37 years on the 12 th of August, when we vowed to grow old together looks like it was for real. Until about six years ago when she took a job that required late afternoon hours I never cooked , now since I get home before her I cook four nights a week. Thursday or Friday is a date night for us so we go out .
Probably the perfect arrangement, Greg. I envy you.
I'm retired and Char still works. She does three or four days a week while I stay home. I've never been much of a cook unless it can be done on the grill. She's not overly fond of charcoal cooked food so I have to be creative and occasionally surprise her with something. We meet for dinner at least two nights a week at different resturants. That helps but every now and then I'll get take-out from someplace that she likes and have it waiting when she gets home.

I really wish I could get into cooking. It might be fun if I did. I even watch the 'Food Channel' occasionally for ideas but I've never mastered the art. You guys who can prepare a meal have my deepest admiration.

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