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Default Re: How to tune an engine with a temp gauge?

That's a good setup to have and at a decent price too... Basically what you want here is to stay below 360 degrees F which can happen on a properly tuned engine on a really hot day if ridden really hard, but for tuning, just set it up where it's not 4 stroking or if it is, it's doing it at an rpm you're rarely or never at. This gauge is a good tool to warn you if you're too lean or too hot so you can either ride less agressively to cool it down or add a little more fuel to the mix.
Using a temp gauge is more for your reference to know when to back off the throttle and let things cool off than it is for tuning, you can tune with it, but it's better for keeping from blowing your engine by riding it too hard too long, basically, think of it as cheap insurance for your engine because you'll now be able to know when to back off before any potential damage can occur.
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