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Default Re: Pinstriping Experiment

Believe it or not, I was using a pinstriping brush! I took zero practice runs and just free handed the lines to get an idea of how the colors looked on bare metal.

I'm not sure if I like the look, but I'm going to try and paint my gas tank anyway and see what it looks like. I can always sand it off. I'm kind of done tinkering on mechanical components, and I thought it would be fun/challenging/something to do in the shop until the next Grange race.

Thanks for the tips, I'll do a lot more practice on cardboard before I try the tank. The problem is, my tank is lumpy in all directions, so I'll have to ignore the wavy contours of the tank edges.

I was thinking maybe I could trace out a light grease pencil version of the stripe with a straight edge and then paint over the grease pencil line with 1 shot paint.


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