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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by Toothy View Post back wheel (awesome coaster brake) with sprocket adaptor.
Looking fun Toothy, I see you got that fork steer tube figured out, glad that worked out for you! What did you end up doing with the steer tube and stem? I have a similar frame with a 1" steerer I might consider that fork for if you've got it figured out.

I just want to point out something unrelated I see there that can be a bit dangerous in case you don't know about it: Having a spring loaded chain tensioner on a coaster brake (pedal side) chain can cause all the slack in the chain to go to the top when you kick back to brake. That leaves you with a bunch of extra chain with nothing to take it up and it looks like you've got quite a bit of slack there. The forces in play on the chain are pretty big and depending on how it's all set up, you can throw the chain, bind it up, or even rip off the tensioner which can cause you other problems. Also makes for a delayed action when you do go to brake. Tensioners are totally safe on a freewheel or cassette hub, not so much on coaster brakes. Ideal situation is to get the pedal side chain with very little play in it, and take up the slack on the bottom of the drive side if you need to run a tensioner. I hope that helps you.
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