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Default Re: Lost my clutch lever spring

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
For me it is just feels natural. My fingers do what needs to be done and I don't even think about it. When coming to a stop I pull the clutch lever, lock it with the button and then automatically move to the brake and apply pressure
Just one man's opinion.

I have to agree whole heartidly with Tom ,using a duel brake lever just doesn't feel natural to me and somewhat plays with my nerves ,I find the button lock clutch levers much more appealing and natural as I also lock the clutch and apply the nessisary pressure to stop forward travel ,
I've heard a few story's of your style of levers jamming up due to the return spring snapping or releasing in travel and causing a few minor accidents but that is hearsay I have yet to actually witness this first hand .
The button lock clutch lever IMHO is the better of the two designs and very simple to use and IMHO MUCH MORE OF A FOOL PROOF STURDIER SYSTEM
I suppose it's all up to the riders abilities whilst under travel but for me it's now a completely natural process that feels right.

From the pic I posted earlier in the thread it would cost as little as $10 to ship one to you and try it out ,if you don't like it it's a very small loss otherwise I'm sure you could salvage a small spring from a child's spring action toy (cap guns use this style of spring ) and modify it to suit your needs .

Let us know which way you go

Kindest regards Henshooten
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