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Default CVT with large sprocket????

So I saw this CVT video on Youtube,
and the guy has a really large sprocket on the motored side,
looks to be attached to a disk mount.

YouTube - MoToRiZeD BiCyCLe - CVT+HoNDa GX35

My question is this.
Where in the world can I find a sprocket this big,
and what kind of chain do you think they are running?
Anybody know what they got this sprocket off of?

I figure with a sprocket that large,
a jackshaft won't be needed using a Pocketbike CVT on a motorized bicycle.

Goped sprockets with tiny #25H chain goes up to a 98 tooth.
Can anyone help with this?
I'm tired of my scrubber drive on my bike and not being able to climb big hills
like I can do easily with my CVT gopeds.
I live in a very hilly area, so I need to find this.


Oh, and here's my CVT goped.

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