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Default Re: Thrid, actually, gas tank to crack and leak

I finally found a method that worked. I have two top bars on my bike so I inverted the brackets, drilled a hole in the middle and put a bolt through it. So now there's no torque on the tank studs at all.

Also, I was able to salvage one of the cracked tanks. I ground/grinded the crap out of the cracks on the outside and JBWeleded both the inside studs area and the outside, generously, around the studs. It's been a few weeks now and all is well.

I bought a rear tank from JMMotors, (I think it was) and the thing is total crap. Its so rusted inside that rust flakes clog the fuel filter. I tried cleaning it out but never got it clean enough to use. Also the thing is made totally backward. The filler cap goes toward the front and the bung toward the rear ... Really? That way the filler is under the seat and the bung is sticking out the back like a tiny tailpipe. If you mount it backward, the bung hits the brake caliper and the rack needs to be cut. Just dumb. In any configuration it won't work on my bike. Also, JMMotors was pretty good about shipping quickly but customer support is non-existent.
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