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Default pz 20 carb

I am in the middle of trying to get this bike running and what I am running into is that my carb is leaking gas. I have never used a pz 20 carb and I first noticed gas running out of the tube at the bottom. so I raised it above the carb and noticed gas leaking from the air intake part of the carb. After trying to start the engine for a while with no luck (which ran fine with the old carb) I placed the hose into the side of the carb where some small intake would fit the hose. I am not sure if this is for air or gas so I am not sure if that is correct. Anyway, either with or without the hose attached I am still getting gas coming from the air intake. The carb is level so I am not sure how to address this. Is the float faulty? Any help would be appreciated. I have fabbed and intake for this carb to fit a briggs four stroke.
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