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Default Re: Lost my clutch lever spring

Originally Posted by superslimjimmy View Post
Yeah I have seen those options but it seems to me that most people use them alone on the left and have a dual pull brake on the right. My current setup allowed me to use the clutch and front brake on the left. Do you find you are able to press the button if you have a brake handle angled above the clutch?
Some folks seem to have trouble manipulating a button lock clutch lever and brake on the same bar. For me it is just feels natural. My fingers do what needs to be done and I don't even think about it. When coming to a stop I pull the clutch lever, lock it with the button and then automatically move to the brake and apply pressure.

It probably depends on how much/often you ride your bike. If only occasionally it would seem awkward but the more you ride the more natural it becomes. Many of us are not fans of dual pull brake levers instead preferring the ability to 'choose' how much pressure to apply to the front or rear brake depending on conditions.

Just one man's opinion.

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