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Default Re: Reclaimed from the junkyard!

Originally Posted by curtisfox View Post
Rolls of copper?
Yeah, rolled thin sheet copper like a cinnamon roll... I don't mind a bunch of sharp spikes inside my tank!

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Good restoration work. It's what the old guys used to do before chemical tank sealer came along. I hope it lasts you years. It should.

Just curious. Did you find that tank as Steele's? They're just off South Santa Fe in Englewood. I've bought several tanks from them. They usually don't keep real rusty ones and all their tanks are in pretty good shape. They have hundreds to choose from in their attic warehouse. They're a little pricy but $30. would get you a nice tank. A Yamaha MX 80 is a good choice. Last time I was there they had four of them.

I wish I'd known you were looking for one. I have a Baja tank looking for a home. No rust, no leaks.

Thanks for the compliment, I used to see cars restored with Lead a long time ago...

I actually got the tank at Ty's Motorcycle Salvage up here in Longmont. Truly didnt know I was looking for a tank either but, I was browsing!

As far as more tanks, I'll keep you in mind on my next build. This Baja tank however can go to Greaser if he wants it!

Originally Posted by turnofftheradio View Post
That was in rough shape, so many holes!
Looks great, any pics mocked up on the bike? How does the rear get held down?
Thanks... I'm going to mock it later next week, I believe I'm going to tap a hole in the backbone of the frame. Use a screw and small flange to hold the rear seam of the tank. The front is going to be a long bolt from Left to Right through the mounts with a frame clasp on the downtube.
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