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Default Re: dirt diving desert dweller

Originally Posted by ironknight View Post
...I LOVE the fact that there is NO pay out to the MAN, for the privilege of operating my little scoot about...
im not so much interested in the need for SPEED, just for easy riding and reliability !
I live OFF the GRID as much as possible and as GREEN as practical, waaay out in the boonies of bfe az....
lol welcome iron, your motorized bicycle interests are not uncommon hereabouts - in fact they're a near parallel to mine

Originally Posted by AssembleThis View Post
The elite members... provide a lot of excellent information...
I wanted to say thanks Assemble, for your recommendations & tips - but also to mention that one should use caution, not judge content by title alone but rather by what the member has actually provided. We've skilled new members & novice "elites" alike lol, check this thread if you've a mo;

Advice about advice - member profile pages
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