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Smile Re: Hello from Shasta County, Northern California

Hi Nightrider. Yeah I know how you feel. Been there. I was in a wheel chair for about five years myself. Funny thing about pain and disability. With both things "If you don't mind it don't matter". I was diagnosed with Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, CPS, CFS and a few other things. Anyways I was told by my 5 doctors I'd probably never walk again. Funny thing about doctors, they aren't always right. I stopped seeing them, stopped taking all the junk they insisted I needed and went cold turkey. Yeah I was crawling the walls for about a month Morphine is a very bad drug and they had me on 3000mgs a day. To make a long story short I'm feeling better than before I was diagnosed. I traded their drugs for music. I got in shape and learned how to put the pain in the back of my mind. I'm in my 60's and no one I know can believe the changes in me. I'm happiest when I'm working creating designing fabricating. So stay busy, rest when you need to but most importantly have fun. Do what makes you happy
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