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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by Cruise View Post
I've looked on their recently updated website. There's enough in there to specify against motored bikes like ours, and a bit stating how if the motor is the main propulsion then it's not allowed, so it's broad for them also, but not us.
I'd like to think there's some in-between ground to allow these awesome alternates to cars, but it's a battle I can't do right now. I must have a licence for work so can't risk that.
I agree with the pussified bit too.
There is a somewhat loophole you can use Cruise ,see I'm a melbornian and ride past police on a daily basis ,see although our 80cc motors are considered against the law it's only a suggested basis
Basically we can own them and ride them without issue as long a we don't exceed the limit of 25 kph ( which is ridiculous as I can easily reach 40 on my un motorised fixie) and if we have pedals then all should be good .

I have done some research on this and the motors are designed to look like a 39 cc motor ( completely legal in Au) the only way for them to determine the size is to pull the head and measure the cylinder so if you get pulled up a quick flick of the choke to half and there's no way in heck they will do over 25 ,unless you get a very knowledgable officer they will see the speed and let you go ,our cops over here are to busy to bother with little issues like motorised bikes .
What erks me is I use 2 litres a week for my running around ,don't own a car and as such rely on my bike to get me places ,compare two litres of fuel consumption to 40 odd in a vehicle and the emissions and motorised bikes are better and far outweigh the GREEN movements carbon emissions limits
Plus I see quite a few stealths in my neighbourhood ,no way in **** you will convince me they produce less than 200 watts constant at the rear ,sigh

When will the nanny polys realise the benefits and negate the negatives .
Best of luck and my deepest condolences for the loss of your power assisted Beast

Regards Hen
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