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Default Re: Lost my clutch lever spring

Originally Posted by superslimjimmy View Post
Hi all,

I'm new to the forums here and I need some help. I lost the spring for my clutch lever and I don't even know what it looked like. A picture of the clutch is attached, can anyone show me what the spring should look like so I can find a replacement?

By the way, is this the "russian" clutch listed on the forums? There are lots of mentions but no pictures still around. For what its worth, I think it works well for letting me use a brake and clutch with the same hand.

Don't quote me on this but I am under the belief these type of clutch levers don't use a spring and all the tension is from the motors side ( the spring that is fitted on the cable end between the cable stop and lever ) yes some do come with a small return spring but that should have little to no effect on the dis/engagement of the clutch

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