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Default Re: Which engine for a beginner??

Thanks to all for the welcome. I am totally excited about doing this....

Aleman, I was considering the smaller Hua Sheng. Wasn't sure of the quality, but elsewhere in this forum, the "clones" from Hua Sheng get good reveiws. Their 49cc gets the better reviews of the two, but not sure it's worth the extra $$ for the small HP increase.

Lightning Boy, I love to tinker on these kinds of things. As a rule, everything I do is one long process of evolution and I can always figure out how to make my projects more "likeable". But for a year now I have been living with my daughter to help out while she finished college (Just graduated!!) and have no garage or workspace -- or time. Tons of tools in a storage unit, no where to use them. So I finally decided on a kit, although it was not my first -- or even my second or third -- choice in how to do this. But we do what we have to do, and I figure for now a kit will at least get me on the road.

As I build, I will post pics and opinions of the kit.

Thanks again for the advice, and I hope to hear more.....

Albula, thanks for the links. Greener Garden is actually where I priced the PF-4000. $307 plus shipping, total of $324 to Phoenix. Best price out there. My local dealer actually recommended them since he was out of the 4000's (had lots of 3300's) and doesnt know when he will get more. I had not even thought about Zenoah. Not much about them in the forum. But they are Japanese and have an excellent reputation. I will definitely check them out.
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