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Default Re: The ULTIMATE Bicycle Motor !!!!!

Some of those tiny engines do actually make enough power to do some work.

The Conley Stinger 609 for example allegedly makes ~5.5HP @ 9500RPM or 9HP with optional supercharger.

Converting Horsepower to Torque is: (HP * RPM) / 5252 = TQ

That works out to 9.5 ft/lb @ 9500 or 16.3 ft/lbs with supercharger. That's probably not that engine's peak torque, either.

That's considerably more power than many engines used on our bicycles, in 14*6*8" (14x6x10" supercharged).

Of course it's crazy expensive and who knows how long it would last before needing an overhaul. One of us needs to win the lottery to find out
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