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Default Re: Fuel petcock fix

Originally Posted by Pablo View Post
If you don't have a Grainger nearby, or whatever.......

Sick Bike Parts Fuel Valve
Oops...sorry about that!

When I'm in the shop I kinda go into my own little world and don't think to look on the net to see if the solution already exists.

i.e. I spent 2 hours on a lathe making a $7 sprocket/gear puller, not realizing they were available.

On the other side of the coin...too much information can kill creativity. Had I done my homework, I probably would not have made the clutch kits. It's not that I regret it, not at all, they are selling fine. But, had I looked at all the posts regarding clutches prior to making the kits, I would have figured why bother since there are things that can be done to slightly improve it without making a part.

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