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Smile Re: Need a lil help here

Geez sorry about the problems your having. First thing I did when building my bike was take the wheels off, removed tires and inner tubes and took the hubs apart. Glad I did too, both wheel hub bearings were dry. Total failure if I had tried to ride it. Next I checked every single spoke nut for sharp edges that may puncture an inner tube on both wheels. Next I installed rim strips rubber 2 each for each wheel then masking tape on top of that to cover the spoke nuts. Then I installed the tires on the rims. Next installed those plastic puncture liners you can get. Then installed the inner tube. Inflated slowly. Oh I replaced the rear tire with a Kevlar reinforced tire. Got on Ebay bought 2 but decided to change just the back one. Now I have a spare tire for the front and rear. On the engine problem, yeah been there. I had a screw break off. At that moment I decided to replace every single bolt on the engine with stainless steel hex sockets. Still replacing them, not looking forward to taking one cover off I'm afraid those aluminum screws are in so tight they will strip out or break like the first one that failed. Also get some real steel and make a decent muffler strap for your engine, the stock one is a joke I wouldn't use it to hold a roll of toilet paper lolol.
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