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Default Which engine for a beginner??

Hello everyone.
New member here, new to motorized bicycle as well. I have actually been lurking ... reading, studying, learning from this forum ... for almost 3 years now. Just made the move into real MB. Received my friction kit from RoadBug/BMP today, and now have to get an engine...

So, I would like some opinions to help me with my decision. Two decisions actually. Keep in mind I am new at this, and may hate it and give up (hard to imagine that scenario). But... if I love it, my ideas would include a tour of the SW USA -- So Cal, AZ, NM, UT, ... who knows? I am semi-retired, have done much of the southwest using pedal-power. I have no car... I sold it last year and decided to go all-bike. For almost a year I have used nothing but my feet and legs to get around (and an occasional bus ride). Still, my dreams for the last 3 years have been to tour the southwest .. and maybe the entire pacific and mountain west ... on my bike. Thus, I finally decided to get into motorized bicycle as I can no longer pedal for 8 straight hours up and down hills and mountains....

Decision #1: cheap or name-brand
Do I get a $100 2-stroke that will be in the trash in a year? (Whether I am still motor-biking or not)? Or do I buy a name-brand which would last longer, plus have some resale value if I decide I hate motorized biking?
I have several options in the $100-$115 range, including a Mitsu TL33 clone, several 2-cycle scooter engines (1.5 to 2.8 hp), and the Hua Sheng 33cc 4-stroke. All considered disposable.

Decision #2: What brand
IF I buy a name-brand, what is the best, for touring and around town both (mostly touring, as in Phoenix/Tempe you cannot use a motor of 48cc or larger, and cannot use the bike lane if the motor is engaged to the wheel, even if the engine is off ... plus, town is mostly flat and easily pedaled anyway.)
Options are, with prices including tax and delivery if applicable:
Honda GX35 1.3 hp $251
Tanaka PF-4000 2.2 hp $324
Robin-subaru EHO35 1.6 hp $468

Which would do better touring? Most reliable? Best value for the money in my chosen application? (Please ask if I have not clarified well my type of usage).

The above info is from contacting dealers online and offline to get information and quotes. The only person I never heard back from was the Thatsdax site, which has great-sounding engines... but absolutely no spec sheets available. Since I didn't hear back and could not read specs, I eliminated their engines as candidates.

Thanks to all for any suggestions and ideas!
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