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Default Re: My First Post! On My First Build!

Welcome to the forum. You've come to the right pace for any help you might need in the future.

I feel inclined to offer that the 'anit'chain lock' option you bought is not necessary if you maintain proper chain tension. You want 1/2" to 3/4" of slack in the chain and if the drive and driven sprockets are aligned there is no need to worry about the chain locking/binding up in the engine.

There can be minor interference at the extreme front edge of the sprocket compartment which can be addressed with a Dremel and a sanding drum but that is a small thing.

One thing I noticed was the engine location being very high in the frame. That will require an extreme chain angle which isn't a real concern unless the chain interferes with the engine case at the bottom edge of the clutch actuator cover.
There really is no need to mount the engine that high. Just high enough to clear the pedal chain guard is about right. That also lowers the center of gravity.

Not criticizing, just offering some information that you might find beneficial.

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